Welcome to our Club!

We are a club for amateur movie makers, we're based in Newcastle Australia, and we get together on the first Wednesday of every month to talk movies.

Whilst we have various competitions during the year, we are not all about competing. We are committed to teaching, encouraging and supporting all our members wherever their video making needs may be.

We have question and answer sessions where any area of difficulty or lack of knowledge in any part of the video production process may be raised. We love to network member to member, to teach and support at a one to one level. We have many experienced members in our club who will be most willing to help. We also cater for a special interest group called the "computer group" who also meet monthly.

You may be young or old, school person or pensioner, novice or an experienced video maker, actor, sound or lighting engineer. We will be delighted to welcome your visit to our club.

Featured Video

At our August meeting, we held a "Green Screen Workshop". We set up a simple green screen, with some lighting, and shot a few different types of subjects.

When done, we tried to edit our new shots onto differnt backgrounds. We used the simple Chroma Keying addin and masking in Sony Vegas, then the more powerful features of Keylight in Adobe After Effects, and finally the free software Blender

Have you made an video for ABC Open?

If you have, would you like to sit in a friendly audience and watch your film being shown on a big screen? If you would, drop us a line (contact@nvm.org.au), and we'll organise it! We enjoy watching films made in the Hunter.